Established in 2017 after working in various tattoo shops and parlors in Bali , the founder, MR. CHIMENK , had a profound idea: why not create a tattoo shop that never cuts corners?
The idea didn’t sound profound, however in his experience, cutting corners was the norm for many other shops.
This time, nothing would be spared in order to provide the best tattooing experience for his clients & artists, bar none. The difference is apparent when you first enter the shop. Clients are treated as family and become creative partners in the design of their tattoo. We only use state-of-the-art tattooing equipment, advanced cross-contamination prevention practices, and pride ourselves to give the ultimate attention to detail.
The highest levels of cleanliness are meticulously maintained while providing an environment that exudes a calming sense of welcome & acceptance for everyone.
We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and tailoring their ideas into a tattoo masterpiece that will last a lifetime. Our artists specialize in Custom Designs, Neo-Traditional, Fineline, Dot-Work, White Ink Tattooing, Black & Grey, Japanese-Inspired, American Traditional, Geometric, Watercolor, Trash Polka, High Graphic, and Hand Poked Tattoos.
BULGARI INK TATTOO BALI isn’t just another tattoo shop, but in of itself a completely new experience. We humbly invite you to join us.